How it’s made

One of the aspects I love most about my work is witnessing the process of transformation that happens for each piece of jewelry. What starts out as beautiful raw material turns into a unique and stunning representation of my initial inspiration; most often an aspect of nature. The time and hard work that each piece requires during this transformation pays off in the final product’s beauty and durability. I stand by the quality of what I produce and know it shines through in the products.

The designing, crafting and finalizing of my creations occurs at my home studio in Vancouver, BC. All jewelry is formed, led, soldered, and polished by myself, making each one truly unique. I know this can be considered cliché – but every piece is certainly handmade with love!

My raw materials of choice are sterling silver, brass, copper and semi precious stones, many of which are sourced locally. I use precious metal clay to capture unique organic textures and designs on the silver. I also carve all wax designs by hand at home before using the lost wax casting method off site.

I hope the heart I put into Wüdhouse Designs shines through to you, and that everyone is able to find a piece that resonates strongly for themselves or for a loved one.