The Future of WÜDHOUSE + a Health Update

Hello friends,
Welcome back to wudhouse designs and hola 2019. I wanted to write this update because I’ve been MIA and you may have seen some changes to the wudhouse shop pages as well as health updates on my personal instagram account. First off I want give a HUGE thank to you all for being such a support network, however I need to be honest with how this one woman show is going.
The TDLR is:
1) I will be closing wudhousedesigns as a jewellery business.
2) my health has taken a nose dive where I have been seriously ill for over 6 month and it looks like this will be my new normal for the foreseeable future
3) this site and instagram will live on as a blog for my art, thoughts, and life updates
Crazy right?
It’s been a bitter pill to swallow. But, due to my still unknown illness I have not been able to really make anything at the quality that I feel confident I can stand behind as an artist. As of April 2019, I do not have the strength to saw any form of metal or use the tools of my trade in a confident and safe manner.
So instead of stressing I am going to focus on the things I love in the time I have and with the spoons I have. So you will see a variety of different projects and crafts as I experiment and play within my new limits. I am looking forward to it! I’ve been stressing for so long over the things I can’t do. But I need to change my tune and focus on what I can do.  Positivity is needed.
About my health;

I don’t really know how to explain my health situation other than to say I am ok, I have an amazing support system, but I am struggling to get used to a new normal. To try to explain – my autonomic nervous system is not working as expected which is mainly affecting my bowels and renal system. But this seems to be compounded by the lovely addition of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder causing joint pain, dislocations, and subluxations. Bodies are complicated! And mine is a head scratcher. I do have a great team of Doctors (Urology, Neurology, and Rheumatology), Physio Therapist, and nurses helping me out. And I am suuuper thankful the health system is free in Canada. But the way our health system works does mean that it could months to find out what the root cause is (frustrating right?).

Until then its a matter of managing symptoms. For now my main goal is to keep my digestive system working as best I can as that tends to spiral and usually lands me in ER.
As of now, I will use this blog and instagram as my brain dump and a record of my wins and loses.
Thanks for reading!

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