Half way through 2018…

Though I have taken quite the break from blogging, I have not taken one from creating. I may actually be creating more now than ever… in more mediums than ever.

However that doesn’t always align with my business plan, or life plans. And so I’ve been stretching the boundaries, bouncing ideas, and collaborating more. But not really sharing because “It’s not Jewelry”. The key I have realized is that I can’t box myself in. So, you’ll maybe start to see more posts and products in the shop that are not jewelry. And thats ok.

A few of my favourite things right now are, leather bags, wall hangings, and mobiles. So be prepared for some new things headed to the shop!

There have also been many life changes; amazing, good, and lessons learned. We are moving at the end of the month (Stay tuned for a New Studio Sale!), I’ve changed jobs, and completed my “first full year as a business/independent contractor” taxes.

Holy S**t, the taxes. It nearly made me quit. And I am dreading next years. Several lessons learned in this one. Which is also why I’ve had the job change. I’ve decided that as exciting as being an independent business owner is, in order to create I need to be in a stable situation. So I am back to working in the movies (VFX production coordinator) and will be creating a slightly slower pace. BUT I can now breathe and take my time with designs and ideas.

So as I sit here in an apartment full of boxes. I cheers myself to a successful, hard, and wonderful first full year as a tax paying business and move onto the next one. Here is to a new year of creativity, ideas, and collaborations! Follow along on Facebook or Instagram and stay tuned for new things from my little corner of the internet.




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