Fauna of the Pacific North West

Since our jewelry is handcrafted right here in Vancouver, I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of a behind the scenes look on how I make the Fauna of the PNW necklaces.

Below you see a step by step process of how I transform silver sheet into the final necklace you wear!

1. I draw the design the animal silhouette first before scanning it and resizing to fit the piece of silver in the scale I want. I then print, cut out, and glue the paper to the silver sheet. Using a #3/0 saw, I’ll cut around the paper silhouette in the 20g silver sheet.

2. I’ll then outline the initial silhouette on a second sheet of 20g silver and cut that out too. Once cut the two silhouettes are soldered together. I then will attach the bails, and stamp to the back.

3. I then smooth out the edge using different grades of files and sandpaper, always going from the roughest to the finest.

4. The pendant is then polished with different grades of rubber wheels before getting oxidized black.

5. I then polish to a high shine using rouge to remove the oxidation from the raised parts giving the piece definition.

6. Finally, the pendant is ready to be tumbled inside a spinning barrel, along with steel shot, and polishing soap for up to an hour. Tumbling helps strengthen and brighten. If needed I’ll give the surface a light scratch with a brass brush.


I love the final results. Bright and polished! ready to be worn.

Shop the Fauna of the PNW, Deer Pendant today!


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