I LOVE finding the weird and wonderful, particularly in art. While on holiday in Nova Scotia I came across this wonderful artist who’s name I sadly don’t know (I have sent a few emails to the coffee shop I found these in).

But just look at these beautiful beetles! And their cases with the little details. It’s just stunning. I really wanted to take one home and if I find out more information on them, I might just.

In any case, this brings me back to being inspired. I had made a single moth necklace as an exercise and study in piercing, texture, and keum-boo (see the last photo below). And I personally love it, and wear it all the time. But was feeling like it wouldn’t really take off. Now seeing these beautiful critters out in the wild has made me want to see my metal moths flying free.

So keep and eye out this fall for my mini-critter update! And if you are interested you can find this beetle display at Sissiboo Coffee Roaster Cafe in Annapolis Royal, NS.




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